Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Glasgow, Scotland!

Hey Guys! Sorry I havent posted in so so so so long and sorry i really have ZERO pictures for you until i find a starbucks with free wifi to send pictures to facebook, but I still wanted to update you on whats been happening. 

The second day in London was super cool. Great eats, great sights, great schools, great fun. I visited a lot of schools (actually only 3 but thats all i wanted to) and went around all of Londons shopping looking for clothing that wasnt terribly expensive. 

However, that didnt last for long because the next day we woke up,  had a stressful time hitching a ride without a ticket on a train to the airport in the next town (slept the whole way through) and then boarded a flight to Glasgow where the excessive amount of times i accidently fell asleep and then woke up gasping because i was surprised i nodded off made the man next to me very concerned. 

On another note, I dont care what people say: MY HOMELAND IS BEAUTIFUL!
Flying above Scotland was so nice and cool, and although im not staying in the beautiful Scottish countryside, but rather a bustling city, its still pretty rad out here. However after spending a few hours walking around with Laura and Hannah, our whole adventures that morning, and having to call British airways 129847248720 different times because my bag had not arrived at the Glasgow airport, i was exhausted. I dont remember falling asleep once hannah and laura had said their goodbyes but i apparently did and woke up at 11:00pm (the British would say 2300.) My bags still had not arrived at where I am staying even though british airways said they would, and i couldnt call them because their office was closed. 

This and experiencing being alone for the first time in a long time made me bummed that night, and i got over that by skyping anyone who was online and watching adventure time until my eyes would not stay open any longer. 

The next day was my first day of the course. 

I am no longer lonely because I have so many people here to keep me company! People from everywhere from every walk of life and every age! There's Oscar: cool 19 year old English guy who likes the Arctic monkeys and whos favorite film is "Rebel without a cause." Dalia: Shes from Cairo, Egypt. I KNOW RIGHT! Hearing her stories are absolutely fantastic, and although shes been living in germany the past few years, its still interesting to hear about her past and her family living there now during the turmoil. Meret is from Switzerland, and is 17 as well! Amelyine is French and lives in the heart of Paris. I swear the first day I thought she was the youngest with me but shes 28!!! FRENCH! She did a monologue today that ROCKED EVERYONES SOCKS OFF! Jake is 20, English, and knows Oscar I guess. He lied about his age to do a short course at RADA where you had to be 25. thats how you do it Jake.  Tim is welsh and is super good at shakespeare. There is one guy and one girl from Iceland (coincidence! they dont know each other!) but if you think i know how to spell their names, youre wrong. The guys is pronounced Gven-knee. Two scottish girls are also in the course and both look really young but are actually in MFA programs already! Graduate school!

The first day we watched a whole bunch of films that displayed good acting. If ANY of you have the chance to see the short film "Bonjour Maman" with English subtitles it is the most brilliant short film i have ever seen. What a powerful message. 

Today, we worked monologues a little and a couple people got to shoot theirs already! Super cool equipment so nice quality footage, and we shoot it in 2 different angles! We also did this excersize literally titled "slow walk." which almost made me cry. almost. But my eyes were BURNING and people had such emotional reactions to it. If you want to know more about the process, let me know! 

Every day for lunch and after coursework me and some of my friends go look for a bite to eat and chat and its super cool! Today we came back and watched Rebel Without a Cause (oscar.) and we almost fell asleep because slow walks just KILLED us and weve done a lot today. so now im here typing this up.


Catch you on the flip side:

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