Friday, August 16, 2013

The First Day!

Hey guys so even though ive pretty much been up for 48 hours straight i still have just enough energy to give you the deets about my first day in the UK (or at least what seems like a day, but in reality is definitely two.) 

I know that most of you are reading this in the afternoon or late evening, but here it is 2am, so that is why my day is finished and my day tomorrow will have started before any of you are even awake (or if youre Tyler Wallake before you even go to bed tonight.) Anyway, Im just going to get started cuz a lot has happened.

So I arrive at Hannahs house (we are traveling together for the first 5 days) at 10:00am, we laugh about how Mr. Trujillo takes too long, and were on our way to Los Angeles to meet Hannahs mom. She works at a baking factory where they make bagels and things, so this is a picture of us getting a tour of the factory in cheesy hairnets:

We then make our way to good ol' LAX in a fancy rented towncar. We then meet up with hannahs grandma who has flown in from Arizona (she wanted to come because she is originally from London. She thinks her accent is gone but she is in denial shes British.) We get to chill in this swank lounge at the airport cuz we somehow got a hold of passes to do that, and before we know it, were flying out to London. 

The 10 and 1/2 hour flight was excruciating and for some reason there was always a reason i could not get up so i spent a whole 10 and a half sitting down (my legs would thank me for this later.) Anyway, there wasnt really much to do cuz there was no wifi, so here are some crazy pictures me and Hannah took on Photobooth:

 When we arrived in London me and Hannah were dead-set on listening to Astele and Kanyes "American Boiiee" which resulted in failure after we both realized that that song didnt exist anywhere on any of our devices. Regardless, we trekked on. Picking up our luggage from "Carousel 1" and getting into another swank chauffeured town car, we were now in the UdotK. When Hannah told the man that I was going to sit in the front, I started walking to the drivers seat to which the man responds "what are you doing?" THE SEETRIGN WHELE IS ON HTE RIHGT CRASON!!! tourist mistake numero uno. I was not doing well with George the driver. When I eventually found my way to the passenger seat, I was instantly filled with regret because despite his formal demeanor and name, George drove like a maniac. BUT WAIT! I then realized GEORGE IS THE BEST DRIVER ON THE ROAD AND EVERYONE HERE IS LITERALLY INSANE! THERE WERE PEOPLE DRIVING THE WRONG WAY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD IF THEY SAW A CLEARING TO GET A PARKING SPOT! MADNESS! No but literally Ive been to like Jamaica and Mexico and this is the craziest driving I've ever seen. 

We eventually arrive at our hotel without getting killed and we realize it is STUNNING! The Ceiling was beautiful and romanesque architecture lined every single wall! A man carefully escorted us out of the town car, taking all of our luggage which he later brought to the room with some complimentary tea-party-invitations. Even in these pictures you cant tell how gorgeous the room is! But we were not in it for long!

We headed straight out to the town to try to get theatre tickets! Long story short, every single place we went said that the Shakespeare shows were sold out the entire time were going to be here! But me and Hannah are insane little people, so we decided to take the 45 MINUTE WALK to Shakespeares Globe, across the River Thames. Even though the box office there said they were sold out as well, we managed to score some tickets for that nights showing of Macbeth through a man who didnt want his anymore because we heard he was exchanging them for seated tickets! So we got to put on our old English britches and, like they did in Shakespeares time, STAND for a couple hours to watch some quality theatre. It turned out being the best show me and hannah have ever seen in our whole entire lives. It was the most engaging thing I have ever laid eyes on ever, and it made me forget that standing for hours is not something most people are willing to do! And we could lean on the stage! We even had to move our hands once when we saw an actor running towards us! If you want to know more about it, talk to me about it :) but i dont want to ramble on here. Both the walk there and the half of a walk back (we took a taxi the rest of the way) were the most beautiful walks ever. 

That pretty much ended the day. We tried to go out to downtown and find some cool shady Pub to eat at at like midnight, but we ended up just wandering around. Hannah is asleep now. I should probably be too. Cheers!


  1. with every word i read i want to be there with you more. i have waited all day to read this post i checked about five times today to see a new one. it is about 8pm SD time and i was about to go to bed when i checked one last time. glad to see you are having a great time sorry i missed your skype with mom. but i was happy to read this post about your first day, love you miss you...Dad

  2. So swaggie. Thanks 4 da shoutout <3 wish I could b der